Windy day

“A windy day at the Twelve Apostles, south west Victoria somewhere along the epic great ocean road. There are only 8 apostles left but they don’t want to change the name i guess.” Our contributor James Whineray in Australia

Photography: James Whineray

Source: freundevonfreundentravel

FvF Portrait of Ken Done, Sydney

We visit artist Ken Done at his home in Sydney’s famed Darling Harbour. Ken retired from his job in advertising at the age of 40 to follow his dream of being a painter. Today, his daily activities include painting, swimming, snoozing and savoring the view of his seaside home.

We sit down with Ken to discuss his approach to art and why you have to keep playing, on Freunde von Freunden.

Thank you  James Whineray & Ché Parker

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H E A V Y – C O L L E C T I V E : H O U S E – H U N T I N G

The Heavy Collective are extremely excited to announce the launch of our long overdue Kickstarter.  We have been on the hard road with Tumblr for the longest time and are in desperate need of a real deal website, we’re looking at you guys to help make it a reality. It’s been four years and we would like to say we’ve made a dent; exhibiting, publishing, interviewing and sharing inspiring and important work from photographers both here and abroad, but Tumblr has made it feel like dragging a rock uphill.

This year we are rolling out some pure gems online and off and we need a real website to make it happen. We are proud to make public the release of Heavy Vol. 1. An annual publication featuring some of the big hitters we have had the privilege of showcasing these past four years. Expanding on this, our new digs will allow us to publish a quarterly, assembling all of the submissions that land in our inbox and flickr pool that we think deserves a tasty spotlight. Lastly, Collaborate! We’ve been dying to do this in a strong and meaningful way, a new site finally gives us room do do it. A real collective with real stories, fostering a firm international community, linking you to what’s happening with photography world wide.

Source: freundevonfreundentravel