Professional Ideas on What Makes a Perfect Passport Photo

Passport photographs are serious things. If you want an image that is not going to embarrass you at the airport for the next few years, make sure that you are entirely happy with the results. In fact, that is the first tip for a good photo. When you are at it, do not accept the image until you are really happy with the output.

One ought to execute a few stringent guidelines in obtaining a satisfying result in this exclusive genre of formal portrait photography. Many people inquire whether they can take their own photos. Well, unless you are confident about getting a good result, always consider a professional photography service adept at the job. However, you cannot take a selfie on your smartphone. No! Even if you are clicking yourself, use a tripod stand, a white background, and a good quality digital camera.

Nothing much artistic

To start with, there is nothing much artistic about a passport image. You cannot experiment with expressions, cannot try the effect of light and shade, or wear shades or eyeglasses. The hairstyling should be very formal as well unless you can’t help it because you have an eccentric haircut already. Anyway, always make sure that both eyes are visible.

Also, see that the image is exactly in line with the official requirements from the passport office of your respective country. When all the criteria are met, get ready for the session with very basic makeup. The idea is to look good and be natural. Note that any kind of digital retouching, except red-eye removal, is totally out of question. The photograph should not be in excess light, and neither should it be in low light. The lighting should be professional in order to exhibit your true skin color.    

It is also important to click the image as per the official specifications of the dimensions. If it is not so, they are going to crop it from the below, and that may affect its quality. (Pro Tip for US citizens: Do some research on the free photo sizing tool of the US State Department if you are already not familiar with it. That should give you a fair idea about what to expect and plan accordingly.)

The size specifications for US citizens not only specify the size of the image itself, but also the size of the face. The overall size is 2×2” on a high-quality square sheet. The face must measure within the range of 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches from the lowest point of the chin to the topmost part of the head. Anything outside this size specification is going for rejection if cropping does not fit with the standards.

To prevent any photographic disaster due to cropping, always make it a point to wear a shirt with collars or a top with high neckline. Otherwise, as an aftereffect of resizing, you may appear like you are wearing no clothes at all.

Emotive comfort 

You know that you cannot laugh out loud or even grin in the passport photo. However, you do not want to be looking desperately grim for a long time! There is this matter of being comfortable in the photograph. To look decent, take your time to feel easy in front of the camera. Although you cannot make it artistic, yet that famous Monalisa smile is something that you can definitely try to express. It is like smiling without really smiling, and it has a lot to do with the emotions expressed in the eyes.

Remember that the eye is the most important aspect of your image. A biometric scan of the eyes ascertains the unique identity of the concerned person. Do not wear any kind of contact lenses. As for eye makeup, keep it to a very basic minimum. Look straight into the camera. If your face has any identifiable feature, make sure that it is clearly visible. Men should make sure they are looking sharp wearing a neat formal shirt. Although there is no restriction on wearing a round neck T-shirt in the passport photo, it is not really very formal. So, avoid it. Make sure that you are clean-shaven and looking straight with hair neatly combed. Also, anyone should make sure that they are sober in the image. Do not be under the influence of alcohol or any other type of mind-altering chemical. It should show and can be a reason for rejection.

Other practical aspects

Arrange to print of the photo on a crisp printing paper. There cannot be any creases or folds on the paper. The paper quality cannot be poor. The colors should not be fading. It cannot be pixilated either. Pay attention to the background. It should be clean white with nothing else visible. No door frames, wallpapers, or anything else should come in the photograph. The image has to be very recent, and not older than six months. Check out expert professional services to help you through in getting the perfect shot at one go. 

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